Deanship of Knowledge Resources
Dean's Word
In the name of Allah, The All-Merciful, The Ever-Merciful, and peace and blessing be upon the Prophet of Allah, and Prophet Mohammad and on his kinsman and disciples.

From the direction of the University of Jeddah to achieve the 2020 program and the vision of the kingdom of 2030 to move towards knowledge societies and the knowledge economy, and in parallel with the tremendous revolution in the penetration of information technology for all activities such as: education, health, economy, government services, and others. Which had effect on our revisiting toward method of managing academic libraries and changing their traditional form, to be a knowledge world without limits.

In our role in the deanship of knowledge resources, we have taken on the role of innovator in this field. We have entered the digital world by building and providing digital knowledge resources, which are now known as the "Digital Library" because of its many advantages. All days of the week, regardless of their source or language, in addition to freedom from the spatial boundaries of sources and replace them with a virtual world that the beneficiary can benefit from whenever he wants.

Our role has not stopped at this point in efforts to serve all segments of beneficiaries (faculty members / students / students) from sources of knowledge. We have also worked to provide high-performance computer labs in managing and browsing the electronic databases of knowledge resources, And scientific research tools electronically.

We hope that Almighty God will help us facilitate and overcome all difficulties through our services, determined to work and develop in everything that would benefit everyone.
God grants success
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