Deanship of Knowledge Resources


The knowledge resources deanship is a vital center for supporting the process of learning, teaching and scientific research.


The knowledge resources deanship at the University of Jeddah offers a variety of information sources for undergraduate and graduate students and high quality and innovative services to stimulate innovation in the educational and research process through distinguished human resources and meaningful community partnerships.


    1. The application of international quality standards for libraries to develop the services of the deanship of knowledge resources.

    2. Providing unique and innovative sources of knowledge that meet the research and educational needs of the university.

    3. The continuous development of information sources and services provided.

    4. Enhancing the fields of cooperation between the deanship of knowledge resources and its counterparts in other universities and other local and foreign institutions.

    5. Raising the awareness of the information of the employees and students of the university through the preparation of programs to identify the services provided.

    6. Developing the administrative system and raising the efficiency of the staff of the deanship of knowledge resources.

    7. Continuous evaluation of deanship's knowledge resources services and making use of evaluation findings in strategic decision-making.

Last Update 2/21/2019 6:54:42 AM